Helping members to know God, love and fear Him, in accordance with the Holy Bible irrespective of religious or denominational background

To influence the community positively through exemplary corporate and individual godly life style, peace, love, care and services to all, especially the patients and other less privileged.

To organize programs or meetings under fellowship leaders to help realize the aims and objectives.

God’s plan for Chapel of Goodnews is to be a neutral ground for Christian fellowship, serve in uniting the body of Christ and to be a rallying point for other churches. by the Joint Coordinating Committee which has a Chairman.

Chapel of Goodnews operates a pattern of leadership adopted from the the New Testament Church and understand that the is not governed by an individual Overseer but by a plurality of Elders jointly accountable to God and to one another. Individual Branches are overseen by a Presiding Elder and the whole body is overseen

Our Mission and Vision

God’s plan for Chapel of Goodnews is to be a neutral ground for Christian fellowship, uniting the body of Christ and a rallying point for other churches.


We have a mission of Reaching the Unreached peoples of the world through education, rural water supply/Electrification, Capacity Building and cross cultural evangelism.


We aim at creating a neutral ground for Christian fellowship through worship, visitation, capacity building, training and a rallying point for other churches.

Focus on Education

We are building a generation that loves God and represent Him in their workplaces, schools, homes and everywhere. We have established five primary schools and one Secondary school.

Church Planting

We have actively established Eleven(11) Churches located across three different states in Nigeria. These Church have established  seven (7) Cross cultural Mission Fields with thirty four (34) stations.

Contribute to Missions

Chapel of Goodnews and its various branches actively operates (7) Cross cultural Mission Fields in Nigeria; thirty four (34) stations; forty seven (47) Missionaries (7 first generation and 40 seven generation); five (5) Primary schools and one (1) Secondary school.

Become a Mission Partner Today

Chapel of Goodnews has taken the full responsibility of training, building and growing various communities that have had little to no exposure to the word of God. The have constructed schools, Homes, Churches and dispensaries.

With the aim of enriching the lives of those living in the environment, water purification systems, irrigation channels, seedlings and capacity building in their common trades has been made available to the people. Furthermore, the church has set up various schools to cater for the children in this communities. Partner with us today!

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